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you have to be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past.

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To change is to be greater than your environment. That means be greater than the conditions in your life to be greater than the circumstances in your world.Every great person in history knew this. That means you have to be defined by a vision of the future instead of the memories of the past. 

To change means be greater than your body those unconscious habits and behaviors and choices that you've made over and over again so many times that the body becomes the mind.Emotions that are connected to past experiences keep you anchored emotionally to the past and if those emotions are driving your thoughts and those thoughts are creating the same emotions then your body has become the mind.

In order for you to change you're going to have to get greater than those emotional reactions habits and hardwired attitudes that keep you running unconscious programs and to change.If you're waking up every single day and making the same choices and demonstrating the same behaviors and creating the same experiences and you do that over and over again.it makes sense that your past is going to look a lot like your future and your future will be more of your past

Finding The Sweet Spot of the generous present moment existing in that place where you're no longer trying to predict the future based on the past means you're in the unknown and when you're in that place call the eternal present moment that's where all possibilities exist

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